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Genki Mammy non-wash Underwear - 5 pcs

Genki Mammy non-wash Underwear - 5 pcs
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  • Model: 10108

Size: F

Material: 35% cotton, 65% polyester

1. Low-waist design ˙ The abdomen has no restraint, breathable, comfortable, and not stuffy.

2. Soft and breathable: The material is soft, sweat-absorbing and breathable.

3. Excellent elasticity, great flexibility, taking care of the baby during confinement can move freely.

4. Thickened cotton pants˙ Thickened cotton pants are more comfortable and secure.

During the confinement period, in order to allow the mother to have enough time to rest and take care of the baby, it is recommended to wear disposable trousers. If you are dirty, you do n’t need to wash. It is hygienic and convenient.

Thickened cotton pants are soft and comfortable like normal panties.

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