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BioCair BC-65 Ultimate II Ultransonic Air Purifying Humidifier - 5.5 L

BioCair BC-65 Ultimate II Ultransonic Air Purifying Humidifier - 5.5 L

In 2010, BioCair developed a revolutionary ion-energizing technology to create BC-65. The BC-65 technology is based upon how the human immune system fights bacteria and germs to protect and heal the body to create BC-65 solution. BC-65 solution utilizes 65 ion-energizing technologies yet remains non-toxic and safe for daily use. It is used to kill bacteria and germs before they enter the body, a new line of defence to assist the body in staying healthy. The BC-65 solution is non-toxic, non-irritant and safe to use around children.

BioCair®, the only non-toxic disinfection company that kills 99.999% of Airborne and Surface Germs within 60-seconds of contact. Part of JCS Biotech Pte Ltd, the company is established in 2010 and commercialized in 2014. After years of expansion, we are currently available in over 17 countries around Asia 

BioCair BC-65 Ultimate II 5.5L Dry-Mist Disinfection Machine when used with BioCair BC-65 Air Purifying Solution, generates dry-mist that eliminates 99.999% of airborne and surface pathogen within contact,

  • Keeping your air disinfected and pathogen-free. It disinfects areas up to 65sqm. Adjust the mist and humidity volume, allowing for customisation to suit your needs. BioCair BC-65™ solutions kill 99.999% of airborne and surface pathogens within 60-seconds of contact.
  • BioCair developed the BC-65 disinfectant dry-mist to reduce airborne pathogens, the dry-mist fills a room or car to rapidly and safety disinfect the air.
  • Disinfecting dry-mist
  • Timer function allows up to 12 hours
  • LED Night light panel at the bottom
  • Multiple Mist Flow Settings - low, medium, high
  • LED Touch screen panel
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Large water tank 5.5L
  • Powerful misting output of up to 500ml/hr
  • Covers area up to 65sqm.
  • Convenient and effortless refill
  • Sleek and tall design
  • All BioCair products are non-toxic, non-irritant to skin and eyes, and safe to use around children.
  • Suitable for use in places such as homes, rooms, offices, schools and any indoor environments.

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