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Nose Care

Brand: Chu Chu
Hand-push and mouth-suction dual-use, equally convenient and easy to use-Mouth suction: the suction is more continuous and gentle, it can be controlled according to needs and observing the baby's reaction-Hand-pressing type: continuous pressing, nasal water and air will not be ejected from the sucti..
HK$108.00 HK$110.00
Brand: Chu Chu
Unique design to prevent backflow, nasal water will not flow back into the nose Soft silicone nozzle, safe and comfortable, suitable for newborn children Simply hold and press continuously to effectively suck out the nasal fluid, avoiding the inhalation of the mouth from continuously moving in and..
HK$84.00 HK$90.00
Brand: Medipro
Medipro Nasal Aspirator helps parents sucking out the baby nasal mucus in a comfortable, hygienic and effective way. It equipped with 3 color coded soft silicone nozzles which suits the needs from the babies in different age. Gently cleans BB nostrils, easy to use The suction is strong and gentl..
HK$269.00 HK$330.00
Brand: New Coclean
New Coclean dual-purpose nasal spray machine is also very useful for children with sensitive noses. Usually, they breathe in some dirty air outdoors, which causes them to stay in the nasal cavity, causing nasal sensitivity and even nasal congestion, and unable to sleep. Clean the inside of the nasal..
HK$959.00 HK$1,190.00
Brand: NoseFrida
Replacement filters (20 count) for NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator. Clinically proven to prevent bacterial and mucus transfer. Made of moisture-absorbing polyurethane...
Brand: NoseFrida
It’s smart. It’s Swedish. It’s maybe a little strange. It’s doctor invented & recommended. It’s 100% hygienic due to the included filters (4). It’s fabulously reviewed (Rachel Ray, Parenting, & more). It’s a nasal aspirator that ACTUALLY WORKS! It’s NoseFrida. The..
HK$105.00 HK$119.00
Brand: Terraillon
Petit Terraillon Nasal Care System 10 Aspiration of mucous and nasal secretions Wrist-strap for maximum safety 12 melodies to comfort your baby Easy to clean..
HK$449.00 HK$499.00
Brand: Puku
Helps to pick out tiny dirty from baby's nose and ear. Rounded end design for comfort and safety...
HK$15.00 HK$17.00
- Hospital-style design- Safety guard prevents over-insertion of tip into baby's tiny nose- Easy-clean plug that opens for easy cleaning- Comfort grips for gentle suction- BPA-Free- For birth and up..
HK$21.00 HK$26.90
Brand: Tommee Tippee
Nine essential baby care items in the Healthcare and Grooming Kit. It’s the little things that make a difference! Includes: 1 pc of Digital Oral Thermometer, 1 pc of Brush, 1 pc of Comb, 1 pc of Scissors, 1 pc of Nail Clippers, 2 pc of Emery Boards, 1 pc of Nasal Aspirator, 1 pc of Toothbrush and ..
HK$179.00 HK$220.00
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