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Babymate Travel Bottle Warmer

Babymate Travel Bottle Warmer
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1. Just prepare a power bank (power bank or urine bag) 10,000mAH/2A current output 

2. Applicable baby bottle specifications: 100% standard size baby bottle applicable
Diameter of baby bottle  5.5cm ~ 7.5cm
The height of the bottle body  < 13cm

Product Features:
1. There are obvious LED lights to indicate the current water temperature:
 Temperature indicator LED lights Water temperature status
 40℃↓ Red light flashes It means too cold
 40℃ ~ 45℃ The green light is always on You can make milk now
 45℃↑ Red light is always on Indicates too high temperature
2. You can use any mobile power supply (power bank or urine bag) on ​​the market. The larger the capacity, the longer the temperature will be.
But it must use 2A current output, otherwise it will take too long to reach the specified temperature. And the efficiency is not good
3. Using PTC ceramic heating element, heating up quickly and evenly, safe and durable
4. Odorless plastic using BPA Free

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