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Babymate Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Babymate Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush
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Applicable age: attached brush head (6-18 months)

  1. 16,000 vibrations per minute can effectively remove dirt and dental plaque from teeth and between teeth 
  2. The LED observation light can easily observe the conditions in the oral cavity
  3. 2-minute timer function: Divide the teeth into up, down, left and right 4 zones, each zone has a 30-second interval, use vibration to remind you to change the other side, and automatically turn off the power after 2 minutes
  4. With 2 brush heads, enough for half a year, there are also refill brush heads (applicable for 12-36 months) available for purchase
  5. DuPont bristles, bristles are soft, not hurt BB gums, quality assurance
  6. Waterproof IPX7 design, safe and durable
  7. Power supply: 1 AAA battery (used for about 5 months)
  8. Half-year warranty
  9. The penguin shape can stand, keep the bristles clean
  10. There are 2 colors - blue or pink

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  • Model: BM-026

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