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Brand: Babymate Model: BM-029R
Applicable age: Newborn to 12 monthsApplicable weight: 3.5kg~14kgProduct features:When the baby is lying horizontally, a zipper will hold 2 shoulders With combined, convenient and comfortable360-degree rotatable lock, easy to operate and safesoft fabric, protect the baby's skin from scratchingfoldab..
HK$488.00 HK$498.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-031
Product features: 2.3-inch HD LCD screen The transmission distance can be up to 150 meters 2.4GHz digital audio and video wireless transmission Two-way conversation Sound activates the screen, you can select the sensitivity (high, middle, low) 2 times enlarged image Built-in 4 lullabies t..
HK$699.00 HK$799.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-020B
The only wet tissue insulation box on the market with a temperature display, and you can choose from 3 types of temperature according to your needs – 40℃, 45℃ and 50℃ The power consumption of this machine is 15W, which is the charging standard of China Power. In winter, it is often plugged in for 4..
HK$338.00 HK$398.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-024A
Temperature probe made in Germany You can measure body temperature, room temperature, water temperature and milk temperature Quick measurement, get results in one second Can store 5 temperature records 3D probe technology can identify the bend of the ear canal and the direction of the ear, and p..
HK$399.00 HK$498.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-010
Features1. 4 in 1 functiona.) Independent steam sterilizationb.) Independent dryingc.) Steam sterilization + dryingd.) Use it as a storage box after drying2. The steam sterilization time is 10 minutes, and it can achieve 99.9% sterilization. 3. Special design: If the water does not reach 110ml and t..
HK$719.00 HK$899.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-025FB
Use food grade SUS304 stainless steel, safe and durable.STC inspection is qualified and does not contain bisphenol A and plasticizer, so it can be used by children with peace of mind.There are cartoon animal dolls, the children will love itwith PP box, easy to carry and storeMade in Taiwan..
HK$58.00 HK$68.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-025FO
Use food grade SUS304 stainless steel, safe and durable.STC inspection is qualified and does not contain bisphenol A and plasticizer, so it can be used by children with peace of mind.There are cartoon animal dolls, the children will love itwith PP box, easy to carry and storeMade in Taiwan..
HK$58.00 HK$68.00
Brand: Babymate Model: ME8202X
Quickly and gently removes excess mucus Waterproof and Washable Ergonomic design allows user to grip and operate easily Easy to clean mucus cup Stands upright Applied Standard :CEFDAGMPISO9001ISO13485..
HK$286.00 HK$358.00
Brand: Babymate Model: SH-434
产品介绍: 通常奶瓶消毒锅或电热水壶在使用之后,便会有一层难以清除的沉积物堆积聚及黏附在锅内。使用婴儿天然纯天然柠檬酸可以很快速的除去这些沉积物,不单可以保持锅内干净,而且又可保持电子奶瓶消毒锅或电热水壶的效率,可以更省电。 用量: 按比例:  100cc / ml 水放一小匙(内附小茶匙) 用于奶瓶消毒锅&nbsp ;:建议可放100cc / ml水及一小茶匙后加热煮沸 用于电热水瓶&nbsp ;: 1〜1.5公升放一小包; 2〜3公升放两小包 使用方法: 水及柠檬酸放进容器内再加热煮沸,3-5分钟后即可使水垢迅速移位,若仍留有污垢,可再用湿软布擦拭。..
HK$38.00 HK$45.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-041
Non-contact - clean and hygienic (1 inch away from skin or objects vertically) Body temperature accuracy: +/-0.2℃ Quick measurement: 1 second, can measure temperature continuously Can measure the temperature of other objects (shower water temperature, milk temperature, room temperature) When the..
HK$312.00 HK$368.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-010G
- Non-toxic silicone material that was passed BPA free and no Phthalate tests.- Long durability of silicone can be used semi-permanently compared to sponge.- Dense silicone brush has outstanding cleaning power.- 360°C rotation handle makes the wrist with ease and convenient to use.- No scratch makes..
HK$72.00 HK$89.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-013
Rope is made by food silicone which is non toxic and safe for baby. It is easy to clean. You can clean by wet wipe, water or mild detergent.Use dry cloth to dry the product after cleaning.Can be used for holding most of the toys, soother, teethers. Materials : Silicone, PS Heat resistance : Silico..
HK$26.00 HK$29.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-030
Two blades can be separated, easily to clean Safety lock to prevent scissors open accidentally It is safety to put into the handbag with scissors cover Scissors cover with a small holes, can fully clean the inside  420 stainless steel is very strong to cut hard food easily Size : length/wi..
HK$59.00 HK$68.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-025O
Features Use food grade SUS304 stainless steel, safe and durable STC inspection is qualified and does not contain BPA and plasticizer, so it can be used by children with peace of mind Stainless steel bowl and plastic shell can be separated, easy to cook Dense bowl lid, the soup does ..
HK$109.00 HK$128.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-040
Washable and comply with IPX6 waterproof standard Double motors: one is for haircut, another is for vacuum hair, haircut and vacuum hair at the same time, no need to clean the hair on the floor At one full charge, can be used 3 times and long standby time, USB interface is convenient for..
HK$269.00 HK$299.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-027
1. Timing of use: Baby who is born to 3 years old is very easy to catch a cold and fever, especially in the middle of the night, parents are already tired and the baby has a fever that does not go away, so you should always take your body temperature, worry about having a high fever, so it is diffic..
HK$369.00 HK$390.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-034
There are 6 trimming heads for different ages.Cute, slim and light design that easily to holding (around 58g including battery)Ultra silent when working, around 60dBPower save : idiling : 120 min; loading : 60 minCan use for new born babies..
HK$90.00 HK$99.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-026
Applicable age: attached brush head (12-36 months) 16,000 vibrations per minute can effectively remove dirt and dental plaque from teeth and between teeth  The LED observation light can easily observe the conditions in the oral cavity 2-minute timer function: Divide the teeth into up, do..
HK$118.00 HK$138.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-012
Pass the tests of Hong Kong Consumer Council (test of structure, biting strength and chemical contents) Food-grade silicone material - safe and non-toxic Can be sterilized throughout the high temperature Granule brush head, can massage gums and clean teeth Soft and flexible elastic Banana shape..
HK$76.00 HK$89.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-022
Product features:  ● There are 3 steps of temperature adjustment – 40℃ milk warming function, 70℃ food reheat function and 100℃ egg cooking function ● The power consumption of this machine is 100W ----- very power saving!  ● Use a German thermostat to maintain an accurate constant tempe..
HK$169.00 HK$199.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-034REFILL
Only applicable to Babymate Electric Nail Trimmer (Model: BM-034)..
HK$36.00 HK$38.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-044
Product features: 1. 4 in 1 function a.) Only UV disinfection b.) Only drying c.) UV disinfection after automatic drying d.) After the above 3 modes are completed, they will all enter Storage mode2. When only UV disinfection is selected, the default working time is 10 minutes, and the time can be se..
HK$1,280.00 HK$1,799.00
Brand: Babymate Model: BM-015B
Features:  1. BPA free, except that the straw is made of silicone material, and the material of each part is made of PP 2. Cute penguin look, kids will love it 3. It can withstand temperature of 120℃, and can be sterilized by high temperature 4. Completely leak-proof, mother can rest assure..
HK$67.00 HK$79.00
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