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Babymate Baby Wipes Warmer - Blue

Babymate Baby Wipes Warmer - Blue
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  • Model: BM-020B
  1. The only wet tissue insulation box on the market with a temperature display, and you can choose from 3 types of temperature according to your needs – 40℃, 45℃ and 50℃
  2. The power consumption of this machine is 15W, which is the charging standard of China Power. In winter, it is often plugged in for 4 months, and it only costs HK$45 ----- very power saving!
  3. The lid has a magnet seal design to ensure that the wet tissue is at a constant temperature and the temperature does not leak.
  4. In addition to the indoor power cord, a 12V power cord for the car is attached to facilitate your use in the car.
  5. Suitable for wet tissue packaging bags on the market-within 18cm x 11cm x 6cm.  

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Country of Origin China

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