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Brand: Aprica
Aprica Adjustable Safety Bathing NetThe soft bathing net is simple to install and convenient to store. It is a good helper for mothers to help babies and toddlers bathe! Designed for soft neck of newborn baby. Improve your baby’s safety during the bathing process and increase your baby’s sense of se..
HK$98.00 HK$109.00
Brand: Aprica
Suitable from new born to about 4 years Auto Wing by electricityEight different musics.Product Weight : 12.825 KgDimension : As a bed : W540 x D850~ 900  H370 ~ 700 cmAs a Chair : W540 x D720 ~ 920 x H685 ~ 1020 mm..
HK$3,391.00 HK$3,990.00
Brand: Aprica
Suction cup design at the bottom of the disk With non-slip effect, the handle is made of soft non-slip material, easy to pick up and not slip off With a bowl cover and a spoon, it is easy to carry when going out...
HK$59.00 HK$69.00
Brand: Aprica
Using Age: 0 – 36 month (≤15kg)Size:Opened : L500 x W495 x H1020 (MM)Folded: L320 x W495 x H1065 (MM)Adjustable Recline Angel :134°~165°High Seat: 54cmWeight: 5.4kg..
HK$2,031.00 HK$2,390.00
Brand: Aprica
Weight: 3.3 kgUsing age: 6 - 36 month (≤15kg)Size:Opened:W445×D760~790×H1025~1045(mm)Folded :W445×D315×H950(mm)Adjustable Reline Angel : 113°~128°..
HK$1,267.00 HK$1,490.00
Brand: Aprica
Suitable from new born to about 4 years ( Max 18 Kg) Dimension : As Bed:W550×D820〜870×H410〜715(mm) As Chair:W685×D705〜850×H685〜985(mm) Weight : 10.4kgAdjustable 5 Level recline angles  (110°、120°、130°、145°、170°)Equipped with a newborn protection pad as standard. The soft and comfortable..
HK$1,899.00 HK$2,090.00
Brand: Aprica
Suitable from new born to about 4 years old (Max 18kg) Dimension : As a bed  W550×D820〜870×H410〜715(mm) As a chair:W685×D705〜850×H685〜985(mm) Weight : 10.4kg Adjustable 5 Level recline angles   (110 °, 120 °, 130 °, 145 °, 170 °) Remarks: Meets U.S. safety standards..
HK$1,752.00 HK$2,190.00
Brand: Aprica
Using Age: 0 – 4 yr Adjustable 5 Level recline angles  (110°、120°、130°、145°、170°) Dimension : W550×D820〜870×H410〜715(mm)Bed)W685×D705〜850×H685〜985(mm) (Chair) Product Weight: 10.5kg..
HK$1,599.00 HK$1,990.00
Brand: Aprica
Let's face it. Toddlers can get a little rambunctious at dinner time (make that all the time). But you no longer have to duck for cover from a flying bowl of macaroni & cheese. To help minimize mealtime messes, Munchkin created its Stay-Put Suction Bowls. Just stick the suction to..
HK$95.00 HK$119.00
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